Each game is an infinite myriad of games

A good game is a complex amalgam of different games that intuitively iterate from the main game.  When a game has a high enough resolution of complexity, when you can micromanage to great details and back, seamlessly and contextually, I am a happy puppy.

    • And you can go to great lengths to drill down to the details, and if all of them causally influence the macro scale of things with a similar chaotic touch as IRL, we’ve got a winner.
    • Procedural games based on genetic algorithms that adapt and mold the game around taking style of gameplay, interest, pacing into account.
    • Picture the amalgam aspect previously mentioned here, as for an example the inventory Tetris in Diablo or most RPG’s.  It is contextual, it influences gameplay, sometimes essentially, and it seamlessly incorporates with the rest of the gameplay.  I would love to see a game packed full of different subgames that integrate so well into the whole, and could influence it immensely.  Although the games shouldn’t have a rough maximum ceiling like the inventory tetris, but expand and influence the macro game when outstanding results are achieved. Knowing that extraordinarily successful attempts in the subgames would contextually and precisely affect the macro scale of events in the game motivates you to conquer any obstacles.Developing your reaction time in an action packed FPS is a game in itself, as is the ability to predict enemy AI and act accordingly. A moderately proper example might be:X-COM: UFO Defense  En.wikipedia.org the different subgames of micromanagement aren’t seamlessly integrated, it is a proper example I think.

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